Born Gay

Born Gay

Born into a world ruled by heteros,
with the right to murder those born perverse.
It’s fine to harm we who lay with the same,
because oppression is what we deserve.

Our young minds drown in cruel words of hate,
before our lust contaminates the pure.
Feminists, misogynists; black or white,
the homo disgrace they struggle to cure.

A delicate but poisonous flower;
keep us oppressed to protect the young studs.
We learned our inferior place—stay mute.
Trampled upon ’til we drown in the mud.

Sex education beat us with falsehood;
all about females—a boy shouldn’t kiss boys.
Bend us over to remind us we’re gay.
No reason why we wished to be his toy.

We mustn’t ever outshine our oppressors,
just skip about being trashy and dumb.
We need heteros to give their consent.
We lack the skills to be viewed above scum.

Hollow tolerance by the liberals,
now we can express ourselves without force.
Our tiny views couldn’t be that important;
most only care if he’s hung like a horse.

Make them laugh with our abnormalities;
a freak-show that entertains our betters.
It hurts but we must keep our tears hidden;
we also weep over our love letters.

Born into a world where we live oppressed,
for being loving, beautiful and gay.
They wish to crush while we wish to create.
God forgive them for He made us this way.

Born gay, it’s not okay, we’ll burn in hell.
Beaten, raped, murdered by hetero hate;
secretly they’d love to know what it’s like.
From towers we fall in our homo state.