Our leaders were devious and corrupt.
The media helped crush the family.
Religion left us morally bankrupt.
Our feet dragged in the filth of apathy.

Love Whore

Dear Holy Mother, how to trust my heart?
With all that I have witnessed and beheld.
To trust a male soul is too much to ask –
The flames burn from withinside my own hell.

God Wept

Satan crawled across the savaged wasteland,
And begged for the pleasant release of death.
God wept when He awoke from His dreamland,
And saw the end to that which He gave breath.


You spent my entire life showing contempt –
Nothing I did ever made you feel proud.
Everything in your life was about you –
Even at your end you played to the crowd.


A nation that once directed the world –
Now left behind at the twilight rest home.
No one ever wants to pay a visit;
They won’t even call you up on the phone.

Mental Cavern

The crunching underfoot unnerved his soul
He needed something to distract his mind.
The illuminated cave bled turmoil
Death and disease was all he’d ever find.

Queer Pride

We aren’t defined by straight society –
Freedom was won at a price for us all.
They bound us in shackles for centuries –
Now we are finding our ways to stand tall.


I didn’t recognise this island called home;
So much had changed since the day we were fooled.
Friends blocked friends; families loathed families –
The belief that our democracy ruled.

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